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VIRK Vocational Rehabilitation

VIRK's mission is to strengthen the working capacity of individuals with health problems who aim for increased participation in the labour market. Members of Fræðagarður have access to the services of the VIRK Vocational Rehabilitation Fund.

The purpose of VIRK's services is to help people get to work. It is a targeted, individualized counseling and service in the field of vocational rehabilitation that requires the full participation of the person concerned.

A person who requests VIRK's services must first make an appointment with a doctor and discuss with them whether vocational rehabilitation at VIRK is a viable option.

The Main Conditions For Vocational Rehabilitation

- That the person cannot perform their job in whole or in part or participate in the labour market due to obstacles caused by poor health that can be attributed to illness or accidents. These are absences from work for a longer period of time due to ill health of a mental or physical nature.

- That a person's goal is to become an active participant in the labour market again, or increase participation in the labour market, as soon as possible.

- Being able and willing to take a purposeful part in the vocational rehabilitation and follow the plan set out for them.

Fræðagarður Assistance

If you still have questions that have not been answered above, we encourage you to contact the office of Fræðagarður.

You can submit a query, for example regarding general questions about labour law and wage issues.

You can also create a formal service request that is automatically entered into our case file system, for example for complex or sensitive cases.

Finally, you can book a call with a specialist, if you think it is more appropriate.

The Fræðagarður service office is located at Borgartún 6 (same building as BHM). It is open every weekday from 09-12 and 13-16. The phone number is 595 5165.