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Subsidies for the Unemployed

Fræðagarður supports members who are unemployed and choose to pay membership fees from unemployment benefits to the association. Unemployed members also have access to BHM funds if a membership fee is paid from unemployment benefits to Fræðagarður.

Fræðagarður's Subsidy

Unemployed members who pay contributions to Fræðagarður from unemployment benefits can apply for a subsidy of up to ISK 100,000 per year to attend continuing education or self-improvement of their choice. Fræðagarður's office receives applications and processes them, but you can apply by submitting an enquiry through Fræðagarður's website. Please note that subsidy payments are paid directly to the implementing body.

Rights of the Unemployed in BHM Funds

Fræðagarður Assistance

If you still have questions that have not been answered here above, we encourage you to contact the office of Fræðagarður.

You can send in an enquiry, for example regarding the rights of unemployed members.

You can also create a formal service request that automatically goes into our case file system, for example for complex or sensitive cases.

Finally, you can book a call with a specialist, if you think it is more appropriate.

Fræðagarður service office is located at Borgartún 6 (same building as BHM). It is open every weekday from 9-12 and 13-16. The phone number is 595 5165.