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Fræðagarður Services

What kind of services does the Fræðagarður office provide?

Apart from the grants and support related to Fræðagarður's membership in the BHM's overall organization, there is a variety of services that members can request directly from the association's offices.

The office is staffed by specialists with extensive experience in everything related to wage issues and union projects.

Interpretation of Collective Agreements

Specialists in our office assist members in following up and interpreting collective agreements and can answer questions regarding wage and rights issues.

The following are examples of common questions related to collective agreements:

  • Am I being paid at the correct wage rate?
  • How many vacation or sick days do I have?
  • What about getting sick while I'm on vacation?


The office assists in the resolution of disputes concerning the implementation and interpretation of collective agreements. This includes assistance with salary calculations and collection if necessary.

If requested, the office of Fræðagarður can act as an advocate for individual members with respect to the employer and provide legal advice in matters that fall within the scope of the union's working area.

Termination Support

In the event of termination, the office can provide advice on issues relating to the implementation of the termination and settlement of termination of employment, for example regarding accrued leave and collection of outstanding wages.

The office of Fræðagarður can also provide members with education regarding job searches and guidance in registering unemployment.

Employment Contracts and Salary Interviews

Specialists in our office provide advice on drafting and interpreting employment contracts.

The office also provides training and support regarding the preparation of salary interviews, as it is very important that employees attend salary interviews as well prepared as possible and can refer to documents and contract texts as appropriate.

Other Services and Support

Information about a variety of other services that Fræðagarður provides can be found here on the website, for example information about:

  • BHM grants and funds that members can apply for
  • A variety of educational materials related to the association
  • Collective agreements and their supporting documents.

Next Steps

If you want to contact the office regarding advice or questions, we suggest the following:

You can submit a query, for example regarding questions about wage issues and operation of the association.

You can also create a formal service request that is automatically entered into our case file system, for example for complex or sensitive cases.

Finally, you can book a call with a specialist, if you think it is more appropriate.

The Fræðagarður service office is located at Borgartún 6 (same building as BHM). It is open every weekday from 09-12 and 13-16. The phone number is 595 5165.

If you want to apply for membership to Fræðagarður, you can submit a membership application here on the website.

For members who are interested in taking a more active part in the activities of Fræðagarður, we suggest you look at information about the association, including information about the association's annual general meetings and board members who can guide you on how to apply for positions of responsibility in the association.