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In recent years, the rate of self-employed persons in the labour market has increased significantly and continues to increase. Fræðagarður and BHM are concerned with the issues of self-employed persons. It's important for those working in the "gig economy" to have a strong sponsor to back them up - union membership is a guarantee of safety.

A certain amount of extra work comes with being self-employed. Individuals themselves must pay various taxes and fees, such as pension fund payments and insurance, as well as send relevant invoices and data to institutions.

BHM has compiled a comprehensive collection of information for the self-employed, and we recommend that anyone who is already self-employed or is thinking about becoming one, familiarizes themself with this information.

Fræðagarður Assistance and Consultation

If you have questions about terms and rights of the self-employed, we encourage you to send us an enquiry or book a call with a specialist.