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Phone Call with a Specialist

You can book a phone call with a specialist regarding matters related to our operations or your terms and rights.

We do our best to reply to all enquiries related to our operations or the terms and rights of members. If you can briefly describe your issue, it will make it easier for us to choose the right customer service representative and ensure that the call is more useful.

It is not required to provide a social security number, but it can facilitate the preparation of the call if the social security number is attached to the booking.

(Formið sjálft kæmi hér fyrir ofan)

You can also create a formal service request that is automatically entered into our case file system. That way might be more appropriate if you have a complex or sensitive enquiry.

We would also like to point out the possibility of sending us a general inquiry, if you think it is more appropriate.

In order to reply to phone call enquiries, we ask for your name and phone number. Registering a social security number is optional. Information about submitted inquiries is saved in our database and case file system. In our privacy policy, you can find a more detailed description of how we process this type of personal information.