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Board of Directors‘ Code of Conduct

These rules serve as guidance for our members in their work.

Article 1 Fræðagarður is a union of university-educated workers and wants to provide support to all professional groups involved in the wage struggle with equality, justice and fairness as a guiding principle.

Article 2 The members of Fræðagarður carry out their work diligently in accordance with the values ​​and ethics that guides the respective profession, and their education guides them towards, in regards to search for knowledge and professional work practices. Members are concerned with good practices in their own field of study.

Article 3 Members must, both at the level of the Association and in public discussions, be careful not to make personal judgments and show respect and honesty to others.

Article 4 Those who are chosen for confidential work on behalf of the Association must take care in all respects to put the overall interests of the Association ahead of their own interests and must disclose their interests in advance, before the person undertakes a project in the name of the Association.

Article 5 Members who wish to report a violation of the Association's code of conduct should send a written message to the Association's board of directors.

Article 6 If a report relates to a representative or board member, that person shall not be involved in the processing of the case, and the board may seek external advice.

Article 7 The board responds to feedback and finds them an appropriate course.

Revised by the FRG Board of Directors in October 2020. Presented at the Annual General Meeting on February 25, 2021.