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Benefits of Membership

Why should you join a union?

Union membership gives you access to a range of services and consultations. The membership also provides certain security during difficult times. Here are some examples of how Fræðagarður's services and consultations can be of use to you.

Collective Agreements

The union takes an active part in both the drafting of central collective agreements and the conclusion of institutional and company agreements. We follow up on collective agreements and provide our members with advice and guidance regarding their interpretation and scope.

Typical Queries Related to Collective Agreements

  • Among the queries we receive from our members are questions regarding ranking in salary grades, upcoming salary increases and more.
  • It is also common that we are contacted regarding information on vacation rights, sick days and which rules apply to sickness while on vacation.
  • Finally, we can guide employers on the arrangements for payments related to their employees' collective agreements.

Career Development

Members of Fræðagarður can contact us regarding the preparation of career development and salary interviews. It is important to prepare well for such interviews, as they are a key factor in career development and job satisfaction.

We can also advise on the drafting of employment contracts and assist our members in ensuring that their interests are protected.

Termination Support

In the event of termination, we advise our members regarding their rights and assist them in seeking their rights if necessary.

BHM Funds and Vacation Benefits

Fræðagarður is a member of BHM and our members can apply for various grants from funds serviced by BHM:

  • Sjúkrasjóður (Sickness Fund) – for members who work in the general labour market.
  • Styrktarsjóður (Support Fund) – for members who work in the public labour market.
  • Orlofssjóður (Vacation Fund) – fyrir félagsmenn á opinberum og almennum vinnumarkaði.
  • Starfsmenntunarsjóður (Vocational Education Fund) – fyrir félagsmenn á opinberum og almennum vinnumarkaði.
  • Starfsþróunarsetur háskólamanna (Work Development Centre for University Graduates) – for individuals, institutions, unions and contracting parties.

All of the above-mentioned grants are applied for through BHMS's My Pages

BHM's Service Centre provides members of member associations with information and assistance regarding applications for grants from the alliance's funds, applications for vacation benefits, etc.

How to Apply For Membership?

Here on the website, you will find a registration form for membership applications, which future members can fill out and send to us.

If you have questions regarding possible membership, for example whether your job falls under the association's membership definitions, the simplest thing to do is to send us an enquiry or book a call with a specialist.

How Can I Get More Involved?

If you, as a member, are interested in taking a more active part in the union's activities, we point to our information about the union, including information about the annual general meetings of the union and board members who can provide information on ways to apply for roles of responsibility in the union.