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Fræðagarður Office

The Union of Librarians and Information Scientists runs a joint service office with five other unions under the name FHS Service Office. The office is located at Borgartún 6 and is open every weekday from 9 to 12 and 13 to 16. The phone number is 595 5165.

Anna S. Ragnarsdóttir
Office Manager

Anna has been office manager since 2003. She therefore has an extensive background in operations and service to members. Anna is responsible for accounting, supplies and the association's office.

Gauti Skúlason
Project Manager of Communications and Services

Gauti is the project manager of communications and services at Fræðagarður and has completed studies in philosophy, economics and political science. He previously worked as a customer service representative at BHM and performs comprehensive services as well as being responsible for arranging communication with members of the association.

Georg Brynjarsson
Managing Director

Georg is the managing director and an economist. He has done a variety of functions related to labour market issues and previously worked as an economist at BHM. He is responsible for the operation of the service office.

Halldór K. Valdimarsson
Finance Manager

Halldór works part-time as the finance manager of the office, but he previously worked as its manager since 2008. He therefore has an extensive background when it comes to running unions, and other experience as well in the labour market. Halldór is responsible for the finances of the office, its members and funds.

Hjalti Einarsson
Project Manager of Wage Affairs

Hjalti is the project manager of wage affairs. He has a master's degree in social and occupational psychology and is currently also studying for a master's degree in innovation and business development. For the last 14 years, he has worked on research and data analysis and project management in the field of wage affairs, operations and human resources. Hjalti is in charge of collective bargaining and the follow-up of collective agreements.

Júlíana Guðmundsdóttir
Lawyer, Solicitor

Júlíana is a lawyer and has a solicitor's license. She has an extensive background in the labour world and carries out versatile projects for members, as well as law-related solutions.