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Union Membership is a Guarantee of Safety!

Fræðagarður – the Union of University Graduates is a powerful trade union that provides personal service and is in charge of drawing up collective agreements. The association is a member of Bandalag háskólamanna (Confederation of University Graduates) and members of the association benefit from membership of the BHM funds.

Accessible Collective Agreements

Fræðagarður makes collective agreements on behalf of its members. These central agreements are the foundation upon which potential institutional or company agreements are then built, as appropriate for each workplace. All contracts in force with the association are now available electronically on this website.

Service of the Fræðagarður Office

Fræðagarður provides personal advice in salary and rights matters, such as when drawing up employment contracts and when preparing a salary interview. Our emphasis is on strong, individualized security and free advice if problems arise in the workplace. In many cases, the association provides free legal services and represents the individuals if they find themselves in a difficult position.

Multiple Benefits

Union membership is a guarantee of safety. Members use their power of cooperation to push for the best possible conditions and rights. A good trade union provides personal advice and service, from employment contracts to retirement. It also provides access to a variety of benefits and financial support and is a solid sponsor when needed.

Fræðagarður – the Union of University Graduates is one of these associations. It bases its services on the strong foundations of its long history and gains more strength by operating under the banner of BHM, thus being part of a large and powerful entity.

Better Benefits

Fræðagarður makes contracts with all kinds of different entities, the central government, municipalities, institutions and private companies on behalf of its members. The goal is always to maximize long-term benefits.

Personal Service

Fræðagarður provides individualized advice when drawing up employment contracts, preparing salary interviews, etc. The association is also a strong sponsor of individuals in disputes and struggles for rights.

Diverse Grants

Membership of Fræðagarður opens access to financial assistance for health care or long-term absence from work due to illness. Health and welfare funds pay for specialist consultations and out-of-pocket expenses.

Free Education and Courses

Fræðagarður offers its members free access to all kinds of education, lectures and study materials that can be used both in everyday life and at work. The content is often electronic and can be read, watched and listened to at your convenience.

Sponsor of Lifelong Learning

Rapid changes in work environments and tasks make lifelong learning increasingly important, for job satisfaction, security and rewards. Fræðagarður opens access to strong funds that provide valuable grants.

Better Vacations!

With membership to The BHM Vacation Fund, Fræðagarður offers access to exciting vacation options as well as discounted rates on flights and a variety of vacation-related activities.

We emphasize that the union is your sponsor in the labour market in times of adversity.

Gauti Skúlason, project manager of communications and services at Fræðagarður – the Union of University Graduates

Grants That Can Change Everything

Membership of Fræðagarður provides possibilities for a variety of grants. The association's participation in BHM is an important factor in this context. Financial assistance is provided for health care or long-term absence from work due to illness. Health and welfare funds also pay for many types of specialist consultations and out-of-pocket expenses and provide e.g. eyewear allowances, maternity allowances, death compensation, etc.

Work Rehabilitation

VIRK Work Rehabilitation Fund strengthens the working capacity of individuals with health problems who aim for increased participation in the labour market. Work rehabilitation in parallel with work could be considered for employees who find it difficult to perform their work satisfactorily due to poor health. Often, the workplace has already accommodated the employee with adjustments that have not, however, managed to change the employee's ability to work. Perhaps then it would be good to look at work rehabilitation in parallel with work.

The BHM Vacation Fund

The goal of The BHM Vacation Fund is to make it easier for fund members to enjoy vacations, and to that end, the fund owns and operates vacation accommodation. The BHM Vacation Fund's product offering also includes flight vouchers, camping and fishing cards and travel vouchers.

Chairman's address

Dear members!

Thank you for the trust you showed by voting for me to lead our work in Fræðagarður for the next few years. There are a number of challenges ahead, including collective agreements with the state and local authorities that expire in 2023.

One of the major matters of dispute is that the municipal work evaluation system does not cover a large portion of the jobs of our members. This needs to change. The long-term task of all of us is to correct the distorted valuation of jobs; that women's jobs are generally valued at lower wages than men's jobs.

A major task of Fræðagarður both in the long and short term is to work to secure the position of workers in a rapidly changing labour market. The solidarity of working people is the basis of the fight for better conditions, especially for university-educated professionals. Let's work together to secure our future.

Brynhildur Heiðar- og Ómarsdóttir